All new Innovative BIDESPA will transform your toilet into a THERAPEUTIC BIDET in less than 10 MINUTES!

Traditional use of TOILET PAPER is proven to be UNHYGIENIC and bad for the environment. Most doctors and pharmacists agree that wiping without washing is NOT sanitary. It results in incomplete pari-anal hygiene and may cause much nuisance and irritation in your most sensitive areas. Toilet paper can also help spread bacteria around, as opposed to cleaning it.

WATER is the  SOLUTION  to many of your hygienic concerns. Water dosing is the most effective way to help reduce the chances of bacteria spread as it washes them away instead of spreading them. After each use, you will feel shower clean!In addition, you will reduce your total household toilet paper consumption by 70%, leaving a greener footprint on the environment while saving money on toilet paper purchases

Besides staying clean, saving money and the environment, our therapeutic spray can also help you relieve and prevent:

- Constipation
- Hemorrhoids
- Diarrhea
- Urinary tract infections
- Feminine discomforts
- and much more!

For a limited time offer, you can get BIDESPA for 49,95$ with a 30 days Total Satisfaction Guarantee and a 1 year warranty on all manufacture defects! BIDESPA is quickly becoming the new standard of self hygiene. Start living a cleaner life, save money and help make our planet greener by wasting less paper.

You have nothing to lose to try!

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